Friday, 24 February 2017

WhatsApp Status New Feature - Rolling Out to Users Worldwide

A few days after announcing its new 'Status' feature, WhatsApp has launched users worldwide; It was only available in Europe when it was announced. The new WhatsApp status feature is available on the iPhone, as well as on Android and Windows devices, and users in India have also received the new WhatsApp status.
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What is WhatsApp status?

The new WhatsApp status feature is the new way to engage people in their instant messaging platform, which will replace the old form of state text. With the new enhanced status feature, WhatsApp users can now change their status to a short video or photos.

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"We are excited to announce that, coinciding with WhatsApp's 8th birthday on February 24th, we are reinventing the state feature," Jan Koum, executive director and co-founder of WhatsApp, wrote in an announcement earlier this week.

What can we set as WhatsApp status?

With the new WhatsApp status feature, users can share photos and videos with friends and contacts in the app. WhatsApp confirms that, like chats, status updates are also end-to-end encrypted. The status messages you place will disappear after 24 hours.
"As of today, iPhone, Android and Windows users can send photos, videos and GIF through Status to share special moments all day long with friends and family," WhatsApp said in a press release.
The deployment also brings the new Camera tab to the left next to the chat. This makes it easy to capture photos or even videos and use them in status updates.

Under Status Privacy, you can decide who can view status updates and offers three options: "My Contacts, My Contacts Except, and Just Share With ..."

The new status feature of WhatsApp brings up the fact that Facebook is not yet made with Snapchat mono forms.

While the company does not add ads to WhatsApp and have no plans to do so in the near future, the question remains that will drive WhatsApp's next wave of adoption. The application is arguably the most popular messaging tool in history, but it is also the platform that is proving more irritating to multiple users.

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