Friday, 24 February 2017

Update - Linux Kernel 4.9 Gets Its First Point Released

Linux Kernel 4.9, "the biggest launch we've ever had," was recently announced by Linus Torvalds. With more than 200 companies contributing to the release of Linux Kernel 4.9, Oracle is a leading developer and contributor to 14,425 lines of code in version 4.9. Oracle's strong support for Linux is evidenced by our many ongoing technical contributions to the Linux community.
linux kernal 4.9 released upgrade

Apart from a couple of additions mentioned above, the significant features that are shipped with the Linux 4.9 kernel are :

  • Intel DRM Corrections
  • Best Raspberry Pi Zero and 28 other ARM devices
  • Better security thanks to Vmapped batteries
  • Implementing Memory Protection Keys
  • File System Enhancements.
The release of version 4.9 automatically opens the merge window for the 4.10 kernel. However, due to the Christmas weekend, it will be shorter than usual. "I will certainly stop throwing the 23rd at the latest, and if they put me in the preparation of Christmas food, even that date could be questionable," added Torvalds.

"Users urged to upgrade to Linux kernel 4.9.1" :

You should already know the exercise, if you are using a modern Linux operating system based on a kernel of the Linux 4.9 series, or even if you are using the latest maintenance upgrade from a previous branch, such as the Linux kernel 4.8 .16, you will be Asks you to upgrade as soon as possible to the Linux kernel 4.9.1.

upgrade to linux kernal4.9 released newly 

Those interested in migrating to the Linux kernel 4.9 can browse the git 4.9.y tree updated in the web browser git normal / Linux-stable.git; A = summary, or download the source file to compile it themselves. Linux kernel 4.9.1 is now the most advanced stable kernel available on the market.

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